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    Successful work history

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    Employment is growing together with our company

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    The plant is on Top 10 list of the largest manufacturers of KR

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    Units of production per year


  • 1967 year

    start of slate production by 3 operation lines.

  • 1968 year

    start of production of chrysotile cement pipes.

  • 1970 year

    launching a second pipe-molding machine, double increase in volume of output products for piping production.

  • 1985 year

    2 more operation lines for slate production are placed into service that allowed to increase the volume of output by 40%.

  • 2007 year

    Division of Kant cement-slate combine OJSC into 2 independent enterprises – KCP OJSC and Kant TSP LLC

  • 2011 year

    shifting to slate production 5,2 mm thick, opportunity to offer customers more light and quality product, since better brands of chrysotile asbestos started being used.

  • 2012 год

    start of short-cut slate production. Short-cut sheets have smaller sizes, easier assembling and wide range of various painting (at Customer’ option), that significantly extend opportunities for slate application, improve outward and roofing design of a building.

  • 2013 year

    start of five-corrugated slate production.

  • 2014 year

    variety expansion of produced pipes, start of production of non-pressure pipes Ø100.

  • 2015 year

    start of production of fiber-cement flat plates of different sizes, colors and texture. Also production of sand-cement tile was launched.

  •  2017 year

    our enterprise will celebrate 50th anniversary of successful and fruitful work of the plant.

  • 2020 год

    начало производства фиброцементных плоских листов Fiber Stone, с текстурой натурального камня

Our team

Kant TSP considers its employees as the most valuable asset of the company and takes every effort to engage best professional and experienced specialists to work at the enterprise. Our enterprise also offers job to the graduates and students of the best country Universities, whose fresh ideas and suggestions can have a positive effect on the activity of enterprise. Professional staff is one of essential factors of success. Kant TSP LLC works on establishment and maintaining of effective organization structure enabling employees to carry out their duties well and show initiative, thus determining basic business features of the plant:

► Labor efficiency taking into account International Quality Standards;

► Flexibility in decision making;

► Individual approach to the Clients;

► Partnership with mutually beneficial results.


The enterprise also pays considerable attention to development and professional growth of its employees. Employees have an opportunity to participate in various seminars and trainings in the country and abroad, intended to improve professional skills of the employees. For the purposes of improvement of product quality, foreign specialists from India, PRC, Belgium, Republic of Pakistan, Italy and Australia, etc. are involved on the regular basis.


our certificates



“Kant TShP” Ltd. is in constant development, aiming its efforts at maximum satisfaction of its clients’ inquiries. The company is annually awarded with honorary rewards, certificates and official documents for high quality of work and professionalism.

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